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New York State Association of

Ministers' Wives and Ministers' Widows, Inc. 


Welcome to the NYSAMWMW Website

In the Old Testament believers are encouraged to wait for God hopefully and
expectantly. In times of trouble one should wait for the Lord, He will turn things around
for us as well pray and be in fellowship with one another.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Join us in fellowship

Become a Member

We are members of an august body of the International Association of Ministers' Wives

and Ministers' Widows, Inc., Interdenominational The New York State Association of
Ministers' Wives and Ministers' Widows Interdenominational would like to share
information to all wives and widows in search of information on events taking place in
the New York area.

Our common goal is to unite in a common bond; working together in fellowship,
Christian studies, worship and prayer, sponsor students with scholarships, support and
encourage our husbands, our pastor and ministers as it relates to our roles as the wives
and widows respectively. We invite all MWMW of all Christian denominations to join
a local association who is affiliated with the New York State Association of Ministers'
Wives and Ministers' Widows.


We encourage our local presidents and their members to be vigilant in visiting our website:; for forms, upcoming events and news from our Locals, State, Regional and International MWMW.

For those seeking to become a member of the MWMW of NYS and if there are no local chapters listed in your area, we encourage you to contact President Lillie Tanks Martin by email at for further information on a local chapter of MWMW nearest to you.

Thank you for visiting, please come again!

Kind regards,


Lillie Tanks Martin

Lillie Tanks Martin


Reverence for God serves as the foundation upon which your significance as a Kingdom Woman will flourish. 

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