Rev. Verdell Mack, Rev. Ronnelle Brunswick

Sis. Catherine Wells, Sis. Normel Batson

Sis. Diane Redmond, Sis. Sharranda Baker

Sis. Lillie Tanks Martin



Sis. Dorothy Eaton Jones, Sis.  Lillie Tanks Martin



Sis. Joann Leach,    Rev. Ronnelle Brunswick

Sis. Shelia Aiken, Sis. Joanne Slade

Sis. Deloris Finerson, Sis. Betty Crawford

Sis. Lillie Tanks Martin


Constitution and By-Laws

Sis. Lillie Tanks Martin, Sis. Diane Deans

Sis. Shelia Aiken, Sis. Betty Crawford, Sis. Lynette Cockfield



Sis. Lillie Tanks Martin, Rev. Ronnelle Thomas Brunswick

Educational Hour

Elder Dora Smith, Dean, Rev. Ronnelle Brunswick

Rev. Regina Hoist


Historian Committee

Sis. Jackie Wilson


International Obligation

Sis. Lillie Tanks Martin, Sis. Gina Henderson


Johnson/Jarvis Scholarship

Rev. Regina Hoist, Sis. Sarah Howard

Sis. Catherine Wells, Sis. Lois Simpson Delk



Sis. Lois Delk, Sis. Normel Batson

Sis. Diane Redmond, Rev. Verdell Mack



Rev. Edna B. Craig, Sis. Nora Wheelous

Sis. Jean Washington, All Local Units



Sis. Dorothy Eaton Jones, Re. Ronnelle Brunswick

Sis. Marie Ratliff, Sis. Lillie Tanks Martin


Nominating Committee

Rev. Hazel Thomas, Min. Anna Carter Smith

Sis. Shirley Brunswick, Former Presidents

Outreach Mission

Rev. Larnie Mobley


Sis. Cecelia E. Howard

Telephone Ministry

Sis. Cecelia Howard

Time and Place


Ways and Means

Sis. Sheila Aiken, Sis.  Normel Batson

Rev. Verdell Mack, Sis. Lois Delk

Min. Gwen Tynes


Sis. Laura Good Smith, Rev. Wilhelmina Grant

Sis. Sarah Howard



For those seeking to become a member of the MWMW of NYS and if there are no local chapters listed in your area, we encourage you to contact President, Lillie Tanks Martin



Phone: (347) 346-0919

New York State Association of Ministers' Wives and Ministers' Widows, Inc.

Theme: “Rebuilding Bridges Locally, State, Regional, International”
Scripture: “Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, Be of one mind and Live in Peace”
2 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV)

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